Program Overview

Here you’ll find background information on the programs that help define who we are and what we represent.

Drive 4 UR School began in 2007 as an opportunity for Ford to give back to schools but expanded to include community organizations (Drive 4 UR Community). The programs took the simple but effective idea of donations for test-drives and turned it into thousands of events, with more than $50 million in nationwide donations.

Beginning in fall 2020, ALL Drive 4 UR School/Community events now offer a virtual component. This allows participants to experience the programs from their homes.

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The programs give Ford Dealerships an opportunity to host one-day test-drive events for their partners. Because when schools and organizations have tight budgets, everyone suffers. After all, having to share items like musical instruments, sporting equipment or yoga mats isn't exactly appealing. In fact, it's pretty gross. At every Drive 4 UR School/Community event, Ford offers a $20 donation for each valid test-drive, up to $6,000*. The money raised can help eliminate the need for sharing supplies in schools and organizations as well as fund other related expenses.

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