School/Organization Event Roadmap

A graphic depicting a book a car a bugle a schoolhouse a football a palate of paint and a calculator all next to each other with a graphic of a road with cars driving down in front of them A graphic depicting a book a car a bugle a schoolhouse a football a palate of paint and a calculator all next to each other with a graphic of a road with cars driving down in front of them

Step 1 – Finding a dealer

  • Your first step as a partnering beneficiary would be locating a dealership to host an event. We recommend doing a quick search here to locate your closest dealership (Note: You do not need to partner with a local dealership, but we recommend starting locally, as they may have a stronger connection with your cause).
  • Keep in mind, dealers are not required to participate in the program, and are allocated limited spots for participation, so they may turn down your request. If this happens, consider widening your search.
  • Once an interested dealer is located, they will handle the event enrollment. Then you'll just need to provide a main point of contact at the school or organization (name/number/email), school or organization location and check-payable information to the dealership.

Step 2 – Decide on a virtual or physical event

Discuss which option is the better fit for your audience. Does your audience prefer in-person events, and the ability to directly interact with you? You may want to recommend a physical event. Or do you feel they would be more comfortable attending an event virtually, from the location of their choosing? You may want to recommend a virtual event.

Step 3 – Understanding electronic waivers

All Drive 4 UR School/Community events require electronic waivers. This not only makes your test-drives more efficient, but also ensures the security of participants' information. Each event has a unique sharable link that allows participants to fill out this electronic waiver. Participants can pre-register, filling out the waiver ahead of time or they can do so on the day of the event. Your dealer will receive this event link and should share with you, their partner. Be sure to share this link with prospective attendees ASAP.

Step 4 – Planning / promoting your event

  • A critical stage in your event process is planning and promoting. The pre-registration link will be sent to your dealer partner 3 weeks before your event, but your planning can begin immediately.
  • Depending on the event's location, we highly recommend you coordinate with your dealership ASAP to help define roles and responsibilities.
  • It's also a good idea to focus on promoting your event date, location, time and potential donation amount.
  • Also, plan to map out the event details and logistics (cleaning regimen, event set-up, event flow, etc.), by using the Physical Event Guidelines and Event Planning Guide .

Step 5 – Event day

  • It's finally here! After all of your planning and preparations, it's time to launch your event.
  • For physical events, plan to arrive on-site prior to your kickoff, to allow adequate time to help your dealer set up the feather banners and tent.
  • Whether your event is virtual or physical, send out one last email blast, as a reminder to prospective participants.
  • Throughout your event and the following day, you or your dealership can track preliminary test-drive numbers through the Dealer Portal.

Step 6 – Wrapping up

  • After your event has ended, you and your dealer will still have access to your dealer portal to view your preliminary numbers.
  • This is a great time to thank your dealer contact for partnering with your school or organization. We hope your event can end meaningfully, with a continued connection.

Step 7 – Conclusion

  • After events have ended, schools and organizations receive a post-event survey. Please provide your honest feedback and submit ASAP.
  • The last stage in your event is receiving your donation check. This can either be sent to the dealership's address so they can do a check presentation or directly to your school or organization. Contact your dealer to confirm the option selected when they enrolled the event. Either way, expect your check to arrive in 4-6 weeks.

Once you have completed the post-event survey, your participation in the event is complete. If you need any further assistance, a downloadable Event Planning Guide can be found here, and feel free to reach out to us directly at or with any questions, feedback, great stories or event photos.